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Getting to the question on hand, Raditz definitely should have at least had some more development before he got offed. Though it wouldn have been in character for him, maybe have him meet Goku in some kind of secluded area, and have them bond together a bit. But once Goku reveals that he hasn conquered/destroyed […]

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Andy Brown, the founder of Eat Pizza, has already mastered the

A school hiring a teacher like this would always have to question if he grading non white children fairly. Any hospital hiring that woman would always have to question if she canada goose clearance was treating her Jewish patients to the best of her ability. Any complaints any lawsuits leveled against either of them would […]

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If you really know blues music, then you know that this Santa Cruz based guitarist is the stuff of legends. Mighty Mike has performed with a regular whos who of blues greats, including Bonnie Raitt, Charlie Musselwhite and Joe Louis Walker. His latest CD contains collaborations with Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur, Howard Tate and other […]

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We were given a life expectancy of three years.”Things took a turn for the worse when last Wednesday doctors told the Coll family the teen needed a lung transplant.”I was told with the lungs she has she has six weeks [to live], but if she gets worse that could have six hours,” Mr Coll said. […]