This is why meiosis is referred to as ‘reduction division’

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I wanted to be able to limit their spend capability

I said, ‘I’m not going to rehearse. There will be only Canada Goose Outlet one take because it will be impossible to repeat. Roll the cameras only when I signal you to.’ Then I told her, ‘Pain does not hurt. The eggs will not actually hatch. They were part of an enchantment to calm the spirit of a powerful monstrosity that was ravaging the region. The druids in this area were not strong enough to actually kill the thing, and even if they were, they wouldn Because they understood the creature is simply mad with grief for the loss of it own offspring.

Always call a judge if something goes wrong in a canada goose uk customer service game. I can stress that enough. Never trust your opponent or the canada goose outlet oslo text on the cards. 8) Context: Any content not directly related to your own wedding, or your own experiences with weddings and planning will be removed. I’ve been hedging on what dress I want for forever and he basically called me up, said “pick whatever you want and we’ll pay for it. Try to make it (x) amount but I want you to order it by the end of the month.” It sounds harsh, but he knew I wouldn’t make a decision because I was worried about the cost.

As far as pulling in general on a walk, we tried gentle leader. I used it on him canada goose outlet only twice and he hated it enough that he quit pulling even when I took it away. I sure every dog is different though my friend has to use it for every walk still. You could probably get away with showing up to his office and saying something like, canada goose black friday sale “I going to melt Tom Cotton with my ray gun that I picked up from canada goose black friday canada the set of Mars Attacks.” because melting someone with a ray gun isn really a credibly threat of violence, since ray guns that melt people don exist. You could definitely get away with showing up to his office and saying something like, “I hope Tom Cotton gets dick cancer canada goose clearance sale and dies for voting for that bill.” because it definitely isn a credible threat of violence.So, he can send out these letters all he wants and threaten to report further communication as harassment to capitol police and all that jazz. And it won go anywhere.There this thing called the Constitution, and the First Amendment to that Constitution says, in part, that there can be any laws preventing, abridging or otherwise interfering with a citizen right to bug their elected officials about problems they have.There is no canada goose factory sale legal basis for Tom Cotton to stop any of his constituents from contacting him about canada goose coats any grievances they have, canada goose outlet michigan and it actually plausible that someone who received one of these letters could sue him for violating their First Amendment rights, as what he is saying directly contravenes protections laid out therein..

First, people have calmed the fuck down about Humans. It no longer the new hotness, and people have gotten used to its play patterns. Slightly fewer Humans players, plus everyone else having a Canada Goose online better Humans matchup now canada goose than they did a year ago purely by virtue of knowing what the deck does, means that the massive quantities of spot removal available to Jeskai are not as canada goose montebello uk necessary now as they were previously..

Certainly, once we canada goose outlet london were to that point, that canada goose trenton jacket uk would have been the right customer service choice. I buy canada goose jacket eventually gave up and put in a real card number, and it went through just fine, so I thinking Midway has something in place to block such accounts. I wanted to be able to limit their spend capability.

According to the IRS, the easiest way to get an extension is to use IRS Free File.You can also file for an extension by using IRS canada goose expedition uk Direct Pay or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. If you use these payment services, you don’t have to file a separate Form 4868 because you’ll indicate that the payment is for your extension.It’s still time to pay your tax dueThat brings up an important point. Filing for an automatic extension doesn’t mean you also get an canada goose outlet in montreal extension to pay any taxes you owe.

In some ways, it must be like those people who marry their high school sweethearts I can see where it might be hard to be absolutely confident that things are actually as good as canada goose black friday they seem to you when you have no frame of reference. I seen both sides people who wanted more experiences and went out to find them, but ultimately regretted leaving their first love, as well as those who stuck with first loves who (from the outside, anyway) don seem like that great of partners, and who probably could have benefitted from more experience. From the OP, it seems like the key might be to just accept that it kind of a crapshoot that defies cheap Canada Goose 100% certainty (like any relationship decision) and just go all in on whatever choice she makes.

I mean, if canada goose outlet official you going to simulate

Worst case scenario I let my parents know ima spend the night and ill sleep it off. Starting early because I dont even drive if i had one beer two hours ago, id much rather play it safe lol. Gonna see how it goes.. It just does not have the hard cut to it that I expect out of the Firebird and Criminal in my bag. Hoping to see some loaner discs from some of the other Discraft guys in his final bag, camaraderie is a good feeling. Let me know what you guys think!I think the Undertake will be what replaces the Teebird3 and Thunderbird.

DOA movies also don usually excite fans (like it did Patton Oswalt, a discerning nerd on Twitter) the way this did. I not arguing that the movie isn bad, I saying that proclaiming any movie Dead on Arrival after uk canada goose a trailer is pretty masturbatory. Retroactively telling everyone you right is worse.

It hard to forget the first time I got invaded canada goose outlet michigan in the sewers of DS1, frantically running and fighting and barely coming out canada goose and black friday victorious. And then I hilariously died to one of the slimes falling on my head. It was incredibly thrilling and I only experienced that through multiplayer.

“You your people think you’re a monster now, ” Zachary Cruz told him. “A monster? ” Cruz responded. “You’re not acting like yourself. I don think you understand the mentality of anti abortion people. If you actually believe that a fetus canada goose coats on sale in the womb is a person, with rights just like any other (and thus abortion is murder), then OF COURSE you want to stop abortion. People who are against murder aren “anti choice”: they are “pro life.”.

This tells me that Robert Mueller was doing his job and keeping everyone at the DOJ in the loop. He wasn working against the execute branch, he was executing his role. I admire that and unfortunately it was more than I expected from him. Or more in your hair cheap canada goose uk than skin. Or more in your canada goose store eyes that your hair. That’s why you get all combinations of hair, skin, and eye color.

I leaning toward undergraduate sim to demonstrate how to turn hydrogen into plutonium given a few simple rules. The code pretty sloppy I take points off for black holes, the hard coded maximum speed and the canada goose coats time not running the same everywhere thing. I mean, if canada goose outlet official you going to simulate nuclear reactions over time, you should at least get the time part right! And instead of fixing that, they decided to canada goose outlet new york try canada goose outlet to optimize particle interactions such that they not computed unless they observed, and you know that just going to make everything uglier. canada goose black friday sale

You can say that about literally anything. It almost no one job canada goose vest outlet to be a role model to anybody. But we can still look at the effects of their public actions and discuss the wider implications. Most motherfuckers don even know it can heal his allies.It the ever present hidden (huge) buff that hard off meta picks have. You know what you capable of. I played against the same people enough times that I imagine them knowing what Poppy does.

That seems pretty grandiose. I think canada goose uk black friday she’s canada goose uk shop just a 20 something who won a surprise election because unlike Trump, she is just a normal person, and the ridiculous media frenzy and subsequent platform she’s been given have emboldened her to think to buck the norms and use her spotlight, for better or worse, while she has it. Congress canada goose victoria parka outlet is made up of career politicians, old as fuck, that live to fundraise and fuckall else.

Draw anything you see. Don stop to think about it, go one to the next. Your hand and eye learn faster and better than your brain. While they may appear exactly the same the canada goose lorette uk Lowes drill might use plastic parts where the supply house drill is metal parts. This is not always true though. Some companies create different channels and branding of existing products to compete in home center markets.

I seen people canada goose stockists uk do that with expensive cars. There a ritzy area in my city and one specific street is where everyone parks their sports cars. The majority of owners have no problem with you taking pictures of the cars, but obviously don want you touching/sitting on it (some even have little signs saying so).

From there it was just a few days on heavy oxygen and IV and light sedation to help with the flu, we tried to get her eating after two days, she passed a swallow test and after the first couple bites of food started to aspirate and coded. We put the tube in, canada goose outlet buffalo after a few days they felt it was a good idea to remove it, so we just waited and about 12 hours after the tube came out we canada goose outlet phone number noticed she was starting to wake up more than she should have from the sedation and started talking all kinds of jibberish. A few hours later canada goose alternative uk we watched her crash again as her blood oxygen plummeted.

Private healthcare would 100% be cheaper

Private businesses actually have economic incentives to keep costs low. Private healthcare would 100% be cheaper, just like every other non nationalized industry. Every privatized industry in the world is more efficient, there’s no reason healthcare shouldn’t be the same.

Recently though, a friend recommended La Vie en Rose for swimsuits, and I found three or four that are cheap canada goose uk really great for me! They also do a mix match, in that they have one style (colour, pattern) and different cuts for the tops and bottoms. I found their options a little more substantial, they feel thicker and a little better constructed than the AE suits, though they definitely cost more. The bikini I got from them stood up perfectly to a 7 day beach trip with entire days spent in and out of the water!.

ZMapp is a combination of three different monoclonal antibodies that bond to the glycoproteins of the virus. “You’re stapling the viral glycoprotein in three different places with these antibodies,” said Chandran, who has spent a decade studying how the Ebola virus behaves on a cellular level. “The idea of using antibodies to treat infections is really old.”.

Its what (likely) prompted this change. Last week buy canada goose jacket cheap there was a “meta thread” that wanted to talk about the status of the sub and why so many Canada Goose Outlet posts are deleted and told to post in the mega threads instead. The plus side is that it got some changes implemented, the downside is that we here to does canada goose go on sale black friday talk about running, not about the best way to manage repetitive questions regarding running..

The boys may be clicking canada goose clearance uk along, but when you turn off that light, be prepared canada goose clearance sale for tears and calls to you. They are not cheap canada goose montreal trying to manipulate you; they are simply reacting to their fear of being alone and in the dark. Especially after they have been with you for a while, they are going to be even needier.

I went to use the canada goose factory outlet vancouver bathroom while Canada Goose Jackets they were having a party and noticed the toilet was covered in piss, after I get done taking a piss some black female stumbles in and puts her arms and face all over the pissy toilet seat and starts throwing up. I go back to my room and put my headphones on and try to sleep. Three days later my two black roommates are downstairs begging the medic to get them STD medication because the black chick fucked both of them and gave them an STD..

People have already heard that the Mueller Report exonerated Trump and the majority don’t really care. People will vote what they know and Trump has become the new normal. Don’t be surprised when it happens. You can live in the land of makebelieve all you want, but canada goose sylvan vest uk it’s not happening canada goose uk kensington parka routinely whatsoever. Just asked my name and where I live. But nothing to confirm that I’m the actual person at that actual address, I could have been anyone claiming to be me if I knew what address o was at..

If you present a koala with leaves plucked from a branch, laid on a flat surface, the koala will not recognise it as food. They are too thick to adapt their feeding behaviour to cope with change. In a uk canada goose room full of potential food, they can literally starve to death.

I only ever canada goose lorette uk get grits in my t zone unless I was a slob and didn wash my face the day before. If I wearing makeup (usually just eyes and brows) then I make sure to really concentrate on those areas. I don have a set amount of time that I massage for I just do it until it feels done.Then I splash a bit of water on my face, visit site get some Neutrogena cleanser (I forget canada goose outlet niagara falls what it called extra gentle? It a no foaming cleanser.

I personally think it all ridiculous, even makeup sometimes. How can you realistically convince someone that they should be able to wear makeup but not get spray tans. And then how can you say it fine to get a spray tan but not lip injections? And if lip injections are fine then why not breast implants?.

He is a the stereotypical old big bad trucker. I seen some weird stuff with him while driving in Canada Goose sale south Texas along the womens canada goose black friday border. He never batted an eye, but while telling me this story he had goose bumps and a concerned expression. I struggle with this soooo much. I get out of work at 3 canada goose uk shop pm and can spend hours just sitting on the couch and ditzing around on the computer if I don stop myself. Sometimes I get up and clean but what I really love is taking my dogs for walks.

It wears you down. You don understand why people can respect your right to just be left alone, and why you can find a space that is free does canada goose have a black friday sale from all the asks. You know your dread at seeing a simple facebook message seems unreasonable, but damn. This is actually a well believed myth. The threshold is a judge has to be you are guilty, which of course is highly subjective. The vast majority canada goose outlet in new york of non Jury trials find a guilty verdict.

But I like it and I will utilize their twisted minds to my

2 I dress to project confidence and control over the situation it is frankly sickening how much better people I encountered this semester have treated me as opposed to last semester. But I like it and I will utilize their twisted minds to my advantage. Jeans and a nice top with non athletic sneakers, with concealer and a touch of mascara.

It can be incredibly frustrating canada goose store to be thought of as foreign ALL the time, especially when you doing your best to assimilate to a new place. I have an obvious (American) accent and it is generally the first thing people ask me about. People also canada goose jacket outlet like to tell me about their personal connection to my home country, which is usually a holiday they taken to Disney or New York.

It like if you accidentally bumped into canada goose someone hard because you were distracted and they fractured their knee. You not a bad person that intended to hurt anyone but you should have watched where you were going. Their injury is on you. For more in depth explanations of the rules, view sticky!Especially because he just dubbed over audio of him yelling. The cat was never yelled at. Meanwhile I reported Instagram pages that just post pictures of human shit in toilet bowls cheap canada goose uk and Instagram got back to me saying they personally reviewed them and determined it didn break community canada goose outlet niagara falls guidelines.

I wouldn want 2 wives, I not that type of guy. But I do want to hold her (as she sometimes lets me). Society be damned. Thank you for having common canada goose black friday sale uk sense! People in this sub are acting like Oprah was shitting on working class individuals. There are a lot of millennials who are being stifled by their own dumbass decisions. Sure, college debt is shitty (currently a freshman in college) but there are ways to navigate this financial burden.

So canada goose cleaning uk I set my skepticism aside and opened it.Worse, it was during the Great Recession so I put a bunch of money I barely had in my IRA so I could get the Saver Credit. It all worked out but was mega stressful in the middle of it.The ID thieves claim just the right amount of money (low teens) for max EITC.First off, there are millions of trades being executed each day canada goose clearance leading to billions (or nearly) of trades each year. That alot of data.And then these trades have a complicated relationship that much be processed through to figure out the correct cost basis and wash sale information and such.The data will likely be stored on a large SQL database and writing code to run through this data for all accounts in a way that is efficient is not trivial.

They scream and whine, all the time. They extremely territorial. They also extremely tenacious and stubborn and will try to destroy everything (because it a fun game). I still disagree that a grade I murmur is nothing to worry about. In cats we see a trend that worse murmur=worse disease, but we use this more in tracking the trends in individual cats and in dogs, the severity of a murmur often does NOT correlate to the severity of canada goose outlet las vegas heart disease. A grade I uk canada goose murmur may be nothing to worry about, but it may be.

In contrast, the Bumblebee movie seems to toss all this out the window. And you know what? I 100% canada goose uk black friday ok with this. Case in point look at the two triple changer decepticons. Samtidig m man f lov til leke med sprket og f en forstelse av at norsk skriftsprk har en unik bakgrunn. En kan canada goose gilet uk se at her svikter det ofte. Blant annet fordi, for ta et eksempel, en andreklasse p VGS kan ha jevnlige vikariater og sykemeldt faglrer.

I swear half the dog owners I know claim their dogs as ESAs so they can circumvent leasing policies or breed restrictions. I love dogs, but they shouldn have unrestricted access to all spaces humans can go unless they truly needed. I honestly feel bad for people that don like dogs and now have to put up with them everywhere..

The tanks are nice to have, cheap canada goose jackets toronto if only because they look cool. Personally, I would be trying to get more information on how those Death Company guys are equipped and how many you canada goose outlet are getting. If they of the BP+CS/TH/PF loadouts then I would jump all over this deal, but overall it good value if you aren gunning for the most competitive of models..

Though by that point in the day she is relatively relaxed and is only waiting for my mom to come home. It’s still a bit difficult but we are going to be ok I think. What sucks though is her money is tied up in her house and her canada goose uk delivery house is tied up in litigation.

If anyone is looking for a basset pup tho, he’s still being held for health checks at the shelter I think. Total sweetheart, I think they named him Squat. I would turn their canada goose uk shop canada goose canada goose coats on sale mens uk ass in to whatever canada goose outlet new york city law enforcement I could and make sure to blast them on every social media possible if you find a match that you’re Canada Goose Coats On Sale absolutely sure she came from.

Product DetailsThe trustworthyCraftsman 5 in

Thus the automatic 30 days suspension of an account. You can contact them directly. They will get you automatic response to say, you can set up another password, and once you do, you will go through the same process and get a message, that it will take 30 days.

cheap canada goose The diet is almost entirely vegetarian. In summer, they feed on a wide range of tundra plants, both on land and in water. In winter, they graze primarily on oilseed rape, sugar beet, potato, and various grasses; damage to crops can be extensive, though their grazing can also benefit particularly sugar beet and potato farmers by gleaning leaves and roots left behind after the crop is harvested, reducing the transmission of crop diseases from one year to the next.[3]Despite the proximity to the large winter numbers in Great Britain, only very small numbers occur in Ireland and France. cheap canada goose

cheap canada goose Macpac Ultralight Epic 150 Down Sleeping BagThis down bag was designed for adventure racing. The brand is ‘Macpac’; New Zealand’s premier manufacturer of Mountaineering tents and down bags. Macpac makes very durable gear; this bag is very light (pound or so) but not delicate. cheap canada goose

cheap canada goose AdvancedHi ( to bid or buy) Daily Deals Gift Cards Help Contact Sell My eBayExpand My eBay Summary Recently Viewed Bids/Offers Watch List Purchase History Selling Saved Searches Saved Sellers MessagesWhat you collect says much about your sense of style and what interests you. Whether they are angels made out of fine porcelain or Minions made of plastic cheap canada goose, displaying your collections can add personality to the decor of your home. Be sure to buy what pleases you, even if they are porcelain angels or Minions.What kinds of collectible figurines are offered?Besides the above mentioned, you can choose from:Characters from movies, television, and cartoonsFairies, unicorns, and mythological figuresHistorical figures, such as kings, queens, founding fathers, Presidents of the United States, and their childrenWhat materials are collectible figurines made of?Resin Sometimes the resin is used with other materials such as bronze.Ceramics These can be soft and hard paste porcelain, terra cotta, fine bone china, or fired clay. cheap canada goose

canada goose jackets But absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. With the help of the other barn animals, including a comedic rat named Templeton, Charlotte convinces the Zuckerman family that Wilbur is actually quite special, by spelling out descriptions of him in her web: “Some pig” canada goose, “Terrific”, “Radiant”, and “Humble”. She gives her full name to be Charlotte A. Cavatica, revealing her to be a barn spider, an orb weaver spider with the scientific name Araneus cavaticus.. canada goose jackets

canada goose outlet The modified VBA example contains the PtrSafe qualifier, but notice that the return value (a pointer to the active window) returns a Long data type. On 64 bit Office, this is incorrect because the pointer needs to be 64 bits. The PtrSafe qualifier tells the compiler the Declare statement is targeting 64 bits, so the statement executes without error. canada goose outlet

canada goose Hiddink played at the Doetinchem club under manager Piet de Visser. In 1973, Hiddink and manager de Visser earned promotion to the Eredivisie, the top league in Dutch football.[5] Ever since, the careers of the two Dutchmen have intersected: De Visser scouted numerous South American players, such as PSV players Ronaldo, Romrio (who played under Hiddink at PSV from 1988 until 1990) and former Chelsea defender Alex, for Hiddink’s PSV. Also, De Visser, in his role as personal advisor to Roman Abramovich, was influential in bringing Hiddink to the Russia national football team and more recently to Chelsea as caretaker manager following the dismissal of Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari. canada goose

canada goose Bench Vise. Product DetailsThe trustworthyCraftsman 5 in. For difficult detail work, an easily adjusted 180 degree swivel lets you work at the best angle for every task.5 product ratingsBrand: CraftsmanTrending at $64.98eBay determines this price through a machine learned model of the product’s sale prices within the last 90 days.16 sold9 new refurbished from 12PCS Wood Carving Hand Chisel Tool Set Professional Woodworking Gouges Steel E9Features: 100% Brand new and high quality! A set of 12 Wood Carving Chisels, a basic set that has a good selection of the various shapes needed in woodworking. canada goose

canada goose Repeated jumps are possible. Geese can not jump. Unlike in Halatafl, capturing is not mandatory. Please understand that RC helicopters and airplanes can crash if mistakenly made or you do not know how to fly, any kind of crash or hard landing may caused damage(s) to the helicopter or plane. We can not control over your flying skill, behavior or the conditions you have chosen to fly in. We tested all products before shipment as we stated above, if you have any problem with the aircraft or other product(s) you ordered from us, please report it and send us vedio at the time when you received the shipment (not after use please) canada goose.

We get oxygen Fake Designer Bags from atmosphere into the

replica bags india Right. So I didn buy that either. So I poked and prodded the bios tool a bit. As in any long term relationship, there have been bumps in the road. But they’ve weathered it all together Gayle’s tough divorce after she caught her husband cheating, to their shared weight struggles, to rumors that they themselves are actually a couple. We can only imagine how many times they’ve laughed their butts off over that persistent conspiracy theory.. replica bags india

replica bags in gaffar market As if they didn’t already have plenty to think about, ever since King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry American divorc Wallis Simpson, right up until Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was photographed on vacation in 1992 with an American businessman licking her toe. Then, 18 years later, Fergie was caught on video promising an undercover replica handbags online reporter access to her ex husband, Prince Andrew, in exchange Handbags Replica for 500,000 pounds, reportedly causing her invitation to Kate and William’s wedding to get lost in the mail. (And that’s the same Prince Andrew who has categorically denied being involved in a sex slave ring at the home of American investment banker Jeffrey Epstein.). replica bags in gaffar market

replica bags pakistan Foggy in game weather is extremely rare here where I live (southern Poland), even though real life fog is more common. We had some recently (like, three mornings in a row, I guess), but actually I wanted it to go away, because this meant massive smog and I needed to put a special mask on my face. Windy weather in the game (also rare, but not AS rare as foggy, which I saw, like, seven times in my life, maybe) usually means the opposite: smog wiped away, y can go outside and play some PoGO with clear lungs and clear conscience.. replica bags pakistan

replica bags china Nothing. Called up FedEx, and said they would call back, but didn Then I called back later on, and told Wholesale Replica Bags me to contact them in the morning. There always someone home to receive packages and can sign for it, and I pissed because I bet that FedEx didn even ring visit site my doorbell and just left it on my front door. replica bags china

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Brock is a fucking animal People say it the steroid but put all this sub on the same shit and nobody come close to himhis first canada goose black friday fake fight was the only one where he was fighting a can otherwise he was directly thrown to the wolveshe gets a pass on some of his loss because he got mazzagatti in first fight against frank mir then proceed to pull a horseshoe out of mir ass and then beat him over the head with it in the rematch. His lose against overeem was like less than 1 month after a gut operation and overeem has the best knee to the body in the sport even in kickboxing. Got asswhoped by cain canada goose online uk fake thoughName wise to me his record would as good as ngannou.You can actually get a decent answer with some high school level science and a bit of google fu.

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We have driveways too for the most part. The people who don’t converted them to something else (mostly) or are super new builds maximizing the space. They deserve to not get a spot to park ;)So Canada Goose Coats On Sale u end up w blocks of cars that are bumper to bumper, and slow driving cars.

My second cat also had problems with pooping in the litter box. She always peed in it but didn like to poop in it. We took her to the vet, we sprayed pheromones, we had 4 litter boxes at one point. He would wear a snorkel and submerge himself in shit. He would pour shit on his head. Pretty sure he was from some Eastern European country.

Never had a feeling like that before and definitely did not anticipate that on my first time trying to run long distance. I went into this 40 minutes dreading it and ending up loving it Also if I am wrong about anything, please correct me. I am still learning some stuff.

Due to being accredited, the State was responsible for placing us in equivalent education when they folded. There was also no legal means to define or enforce “equivalent” since these were for profit tech schools rather than college/university schools with defined degree programs. We looked into canada goose shop new york city it as well when it become apparent that the replacement school provided by the State wasn going to do anything for us.

There is even an emo pop revival scene centered around Midwest influenced indie rock bands with mildly intricate guitar work and deeply personal, confessional lyrics. These bands include canada goose black friday sale Modern Baseball, Sorority Noise, and the Front Bottoms. Within this scene is a style known as sparklepunk, which combines Braid like “jolly” twinkles with lo fi, noodly college rock guitar work, built around a Canada Goose sale base of pop punk.

Would I be interested in helping out as the Eagles first grade

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Who would address the racial strife? MLK or Malcolm X? In the end we didn know. In 1968 RFK and MLK were killed. LA and Detroit and almost every other city rioted and burned. The attribution of this proposition to Ricardo is unfair to him because, even if he exposited the logic behind it, he found the proposition unconvincing. In the words of Ricardo (1817): ” it must not be inferred that go to these guys I consider the system of borrowing as the best calculated to defray the extraordinary expenses of the State. It is a system which tends to make us less thrifty to blind us to our real situation”.

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